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  • Lack of privacy
  • Safety concerns
  • Limited communication options
  • Inaccurate information about inmates
  • Financial exploitation


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Meet an Inmate: A Comprehensive Review of the Popular Online Dating Spot


Meet an Inmate is a revolutionary app that connects people with inmates in the United States. It was launched to help those who are incarcerated build relationships and make new connections, as well as provide support for their families on the outside. The app has become increasingly popular since its launch in 2012, with over 250,000 active users from all around the world.

The Meet an Inmate platform provides a unique opportunity for individuals to meet someone behind bars and start building meaningful friendships or even romantic relationships if they choose to do so. The service also allows family members of prisoners to stay connected by sending messages directly through this platform instead of relying solely on letters sent via mail which can take weeks or months before reaching its destination due to slow delivery times caused by Covid-19 restrictions across many states within US prison systems . This feature helps reduce stress levels associated with long wait periods when trying contact loved ones serving time away from home while providing them much needed emotional support during these difficult times too!

Currently owned by Avail Technologies Inc., Meet An Inmate is available worldwide but it’s most popular among users located in USA (50%), Canada (10%), Australia (7%) , UK & Ireland(6%)and New Zealand(4%). Anyone interested in connecting with inmates must be at least 18 years old; otherwise registration will not be accepted regardless of any other circumstances presented such as having parental consent etc.. Once registered you have access free-of charge features like: creating your own profile page where you can post photos/videos about yourself plus add some personal information about interests hobbies etc… You may then browse profiles posted online according existing criteria such age gender location type crime committed sentence length just name few options here!.

Furthermore there’s no need download additional software order use website since it runs smoothly both desktop mobile devices browsers making process very easy convenient everyone involved ! Last but certainly not least developers recently released official application Android iOS smartphones tablets allowing access same content anytime anywhere without being tied down one particular device whenever want reach out inmate community !

How Does Meet an Inmate Work?

Meet an Inmate is a revolutionary app that connects people from all over the world. It provides users with the opportunity to find and connect with inmates, ex-offenders, and their families in order to provide support for those who have been incarcerated or released from prison. The app allows users to search through profiles of inmates based on location, gender, age range and other criteria so they can easily find someone suitable for them. Additionally it also has a feature where you can filter out potential matches by country; currently there are more than 5 countries supported including USA , Canada , UK , Australia & New Zealand .

Once you’ve found someone whose profile interests you then Meet an Inmate will allow you to communicate directly via email or text message without having any personal contact information exchanged between both parties which ensures safety as well as privacy when using this service. You can even set up video chats if desired! Furthermore each user must agree upon terms of use before being able access these features meaning everyone involved is aware of what type behaviour isn’t acceptable while using this platform such as exchanging money etcetera .

The main purpose behind Meet An Inmate however goes beyond just connecting two individuals together but rather providing much needed emotional support during difficult times like incarceration period which often leads towards depression due isolation experienced by prisoners/ex offenders alike – something no one should ever experience alone! To help combat loneliness created by separation many organisations around globe offer services like pen pal programs however now thanks technology available today we’re able take things step further allowing us build meaningful relationships across miles apart safely securely within few clicks away!.

In addition helping create connections amongst members community website itself serves great resource anyone looking learn about criminal justice system its various aspects such laws sentencing guidelines rehabilitation process etcetera ; overall goal here make sure our visitors informed best possible way thus enabling them navigate complex landscape better understanding how different parts fit together ultimately leading improved outcomes society level too!. Finally if need advice legal matters related your case then ‘s always option seek professional assistance either local state federal levels depending situation at hand..

  • 1.Inmate Profiles: Detailed profiles of inmates, including their personal stories and experiences.
  • 2. Message Exchange: A secure messaging system that allows users to communicate with inmates directly from the site.
  • 3. Pen Pal Matching Service: An automated matching service that pairs up potential pen pals based on shared interests and other criteria specified by each user.
  • 4. Support Network & Resources Directory: Connections to local organizations providing support services for incarcerated individuals as well as a comprehensive directory of resources available nationwide for those affected by incarceration or re-entry into society after release from prison/jail time served .
  • 5 .Inmate Blogs & Articles : Regularly updated blogs written by current and former inmates about their life in prison, giving readers an insight into what it’s like living behind bars day-to-day 6) Events Calendar : Upcoming events related to inmate rights , criminal justice reform initiatives , prisoner advocacy groups etc

Registration – How Easy Is It?

Registering on the Meet an Inmate app is a straightforward process. First, you will need to provide your name and email address. Then, you can create a username and password that must be at least 8 characters long with one capital letter included. You will also have to agree to the terms of service before continuing with registration. After submitting all these details, users are required to complete their profile by adding information such as age range they’re looking for in potential matches or interests they would like others who view their profile page know about them etc.. The minimum age requirement for registering on this app is 18 years old and it’s free of charge!

  • 1.Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • 2. All users must provide a valid email address and create a unique username for their account.
  • 3. All users must agree to the terms and conditions set forth by Meet an Inmate before creating an account or using any services offered on the website/applications (e.g., messaging, etc.).
  • 4. Users are required to complete all necessary profile information including full name, date of birth, gender identity/expression, location (city & state), ethnicity/race(s) identified with and sexual orientation prior to accessing any features within Meet an Inmate’s platform such as searching profiles or sending messages..
  • 5 .Users will also need to upload a photo that meets certain criteria in order for it be approved by site administrators; photos should not contain nudity nor depict violence in anyway shape or form – this includes graphic images depicting death or injury -in addition they may not include copyrighted material from other sources without permission from those entities first being obtained .
  • 6 .All new accounts require approval from our team which can take up-to 48 hours after submission so please plan accordingly when signing up! Once your application is accepted you’ll receive confirmation via email along with instructions on how best utilize our service offerings going forward.. 7 .Any user found engaging in suspicious activity while utilizing Meet An Inmates’ platform will have their membership revoked immediately without warning — this includes but isn’t limited too spamming other members , posting offensive content ,or attempting fraud related activities against another member’s personal data .. 8 Finally we reserve right suspend access anyone who violates these rules anytime deemed necessary protect safety security both inmates general public alike

Design and Usability of Meet an Inmate

The Meet an Inmate app has a modern design with bright colors and clear typography. The interface is easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly find profiles of other inmates. It’s simple to use; you can easily search for people by location or interests, view their profile information and send messages without any difficulty. If you purchase the paid subscription version of the app, there are additional UI improvements such as customizing your profile page layout and adding more detailed personal information about yourself. Overall it provides an enjoyable user experience that makes connecting with others quick and convenient!

User Profile Quality

Meet an Inmate profiles are public, and can be viewed by anyone. Users have the ability to set a custom bio with information about themselves that they want other users to know. There is no “friends” feature or anything similar on Meet an Inmate; instead there is a message system for users who wish to communicate privately. Privacy settings available vary depending on user preferences, but there isn’t any Google or Facebook sign-in feature available yet. Fake accounts are rare due to strict verification procedures in place when creating new accounts and logging into existing ones. Location info revealed in profile depends entirely upon what the user decides; it’s possible for them hide their location info if desired, though some indication of distance between two users may still exist regardless of this setting being enabled or not . Premium subscriptions do offer additional benefits such as increased visibility within search results which can lead more people viewing your profile page than normal memberships would allow otherwise..


Meet an Inmate has a dating website which allows people to connect with inmates in the United States. The site provides users with detailed information about each inmate, including their age, gender and crime they are serving time for. It also includes photos of the inmates so that potential matches can get a better idea of who they’re talking to before committing to any kind of relationship. One advantage is that it gives those behind bars access to communication outside prison walls; another benefit is its discretion – as all correspondence between members must be kept private and confidential at all times. On the downside, some may find this type of connection inappropriate or uncomfortable due to safety concerns; furthermore there have been reports from former members regarding fake profiles being created by other prisoners trying scam them out money or goods while on parole/probation release programs

The Meet an Inmate app works similarly but offers additional features such as direct messaging capabilities and notifications when someone sends you a message or request your contact info (if allowed). While both platforms provide similar services – connecting individuals interested in establishing relationships with incarcerated persons – one major difference lies within security measures: unlike online sites where anyone can create accounts using false identities, apps require user authentication via mobile phone numbers prior allowing access into their platform for added protection against scammers & fraudsters .

Safety & Security

Meet an Inmate is a platform that provides security to its users. It has implemented several verification methods for the safety of its users, such as verifying user accounts through email and phone number authentication. The website also requires all members to provide valid government-issued identification before they can access any features on the site. Meet an Inmate also fights against bots and fake accounts by using advanced algorithms which detect suspicious activities or patterns in order to prevent them from accessing their services. Furthermore, it manually reviews photos uploaded by members in order to ensure authenticity of profiles and protect other users from being scammed or harassed online. Additionally, two-factor authentication is available for added security when logging into your account with a username/password combination as well as linking social media platforms like Facebook & Google+.

When it comes privacy policy at Meet An Inmate ,they are committed protecting your personal information . They use industry standard measures such SSL encryption technology (Secure Socket Layer)to safeguard data collected about you . All payment transactions will be encrypted using SSL technology .They do not share your personal information with third parties unless required by law enforcement agencies but only after proper legal documentation has been provided

Pricing and Benefits

Is Meet an Inmate Free or Does it Require a Paid Subscription?

Meet an Inmate is a website that allows users to connect with inmates in the United States. The site offers both free and paid subscription options, so you can choose which one best fits your needs.

The basic membership of Meet an Inmate is completely free and includes access to all inmate profiles as well as the ability to send messages through their secure messaging system. However, if you want additional features such as priority listing on search results or more profile space for photos and videos then you will need to upgrade your account by purchasing a premium subscription plan.

Benefits of Purchasing A Premium Plan:

  • Priority Listing – Your profile will be listed higher up in search results than those who are using the basic membership option giving potential pen pals better visibility into what they have written about themselves before contacting them directly via mail correspondence only!

  • More Profile Space – With this upgraded version comes extra room for uploading pictures/videos which could help attract even more attention from potential pen pals out there looking specifically for someone like yourself!

  • Discounts On Stamps & Stationery – Get discounts when buying stamps & stationery needed when writing letters back-and-forth between each other over time (upgrades available depending on length of subscription).

Prices And How Competitive Are They?

The prices range from $4 per month ($48 annually) up until $15 per month ($180 annually), making them very competitive compared with similar services offered elsewhere online today. All plans come with no commitment required; meaning that at any point during your subscription period, customers may cancel without penalty or fees associated due cancellation process itself being hassle-free too!                                                                       
            ‎‎ ‎

Cancellation Process And Refunds

In order to cancel subscriptions purchased through Meet An Inmates’ website simply log into “My Account” section located under main menu bar where user has full control over their billing information including cancelling active memberships anytime desired without having pay anything else besides initial purchase price already made prior doing so (refund policy applies here too!).

Help & Support

Meet an Inmate is a website that allows people to connect with inmates in the United States. It provides support for those looking to make connections and build relationships, as well as helping inmates find ways of staying connected while they are incarcerated.

The best way to access support on Meet an Inmate is through their online contact form or email address provided on their Contact Us page. The response time varies depending on how quickly staff can respond, but generally you should expect a reply within 24 hours during business days (Monday-Friday). Additionally, there may be times when the customer service team takes longer than usual due to high volume inquiries or technical issues beyond our control.

For more immediate help and answers about commonly asked questions related to using Meet an Inmate’s services, users can visit their FAQ page which has helpful information regarding topics such as creating profiles and connecting with other members safely among others. This section also includes links for additional resources like articles from prison reform organizations that provide further insight into criminal justice matters in America today .


1. Is Meet an Inmate safe?

Meet an Inmate is not a safe website. It is important to remember that the people on this site are inmates, and they may have committed serious crimes in the past. While some of them may be innocent or seeking redemption, there is no way to know for sure who you are talking with online. Additionally, it can be difficult to verify someone’s identity when communicating through Meet an Inmate because most users do not use their real names or provide any identifying information about themselves beyond what has been provided by prison officials. Furthermore, since all communication takes place over email and other electronic means rather than face-to-face contact between two individuals, there could potentially be risks associated with using such a platform as well as potential legal implications if something goes wrong during your interactions with another user on the site. Therefore it would likely be best to avoid using Meet an Inmate altogether unless absolutely necessary due its lack of safety features and inherent risk factors involved in interacting with strangers online

2. Is Meet an Inmate a real dating site with real users?

Meet an Inmate is a real dating site with real users. The website was created to help inmates find pen pals and friends outside of prison walls, as well as provide resources for those who are interested in learning more about the criminal justice system. Users can create profiles on Meet an Inmate and search through thousands of inmate listings from across the United States, or they can post their own profile if they wish to become pen pals with someone currently incarcerated.

The website also provides helpful information such as legal advice and support services for both inmates’ families and loved ones left behind while serving time in jail or prison. It’s important to note that this is not a traditional dating site; rather it focuses on providing companionship between two people separated by physical distance due to incarceration status – which means there will be no face-to-face meetings unless arranged through third parties like family members or lawyers (which should always be done under supervision).

3. How to use Meet an Inmate app?

The Meet an Inmate app is a great way to connect with inmates in the United States. It allows users to search for inmates by name, age, gender and location. Once you have found someone that interests you, you can view their profile which includes information such as hobbies and interests as well as any contact details they may provide. You can then send them messages or even request visits through the app if allowed at your local facility. The app also provides helpful resources such as legal advice from attorneys who specialize in criminal law and support groups for those affected by incarceration of loved ones or themselves. With this tool it’s easy to stay connected with people behind bars while providing meaningful connections that could help improve lives on both sides of prison walls!

4. Is Meet an Inmate free?

Meet an Inmate is not a free service. The website charges users for various services, such as sending messages to inmates and viewing their profiles. However, the cost of these services are relatively low compared to other inmate-focused websites that offer similar features. Additionally, Meet an Inmate offers discounts on certain packages which can help reduce costs even further. Ultimately though, if you want access to all of the features offered by this website then you will need to pay a fee in order for them to be available

5. Is Meet an Inmate working and can you find someone there?

Yes, Meet an Inmate is still working and it’s possible to find someone there. The website provides a platform for inmates in the United States to connect with people on the outside who may be interested in forming friendships or even romantic relationships. All potential connections are carefully screened by staff members before they can start communicating with each other through letters, emails, phone calls and visits (in some cases). It’s important to note that all communication must adhere strictly to prison regulations regarding acceptable content – anything deemed inappropriate will not be allowed. With this system of screening and regulation in place, Meet an Inmate offers users a safe way of connecting with those behind bars while also providing them hope for their future when they eventually get released from prison.


In conclusion, Meet an Inmate is a great app for those looking to find partners for dating. It has a user-friendly design and good usability which makes it easy to use. The safety and security features are also impressive as they ensure that users can have peace of mind when using the platform. Furthermore, help and support from the team behind Meet an Inmate is available whenever needed so users can get assistance if required. Finally, profiles on this app provide detailed information about each inmate making it easier to decide who you want to connect with online or offline depending on your preference. All in all, this app offers everything one needs when searching for potential partners while being secure at the same time – something we highly recommend!

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